Sponsorship opportunities in Uganda

How many meals a day do you eat? Probably three, with the occasional sneaky biscuit or piece of cake in between. Michael, pictured here, is currently eating lunch only because the money his sponsor sent for food had to be used for hospital fees when he caught malaria. We have only just heard of his plight and his very generous sponsor and her family (they have supported Michael since childhood) are sending more to cover his ongoing needs while he continues to seek work to support himself.

How much is your minister paid? He or she probably has a stipend and possibly a manse to live in, while even those who are non-stipendiary draw their full expenses. In Uganda pastors are seldom paid and often build their own houses then support themselves as subsistence farmers in order to eke out a very modest lifestyle for themselves and their families, while in addition following their calling to minister.

These are two examples only of the many heart-rending stories which have ended up as heart-warming ones as a result of the sponsorship programmes run by the Romans One Eleven Trust. We have two main schemes in Uganda:

1. A child sponsorship scheme for £15 or more per month, which enables a child of primary school age (it is often orphans who we support) to have a secure education. It will also help to cover the provision of food, medical needs, a school uniform and scholastic needs. Secondary education and living expenses cost about £25 a month.

2. A sponsor-a-pastor scheme at £10 or more per month, which enables unpaid pastors to be supported in providing for the basic needs of themselves and their families. It is surprising what a difference just £10 a month can make.

In most cases child sponsors hear from their named sponsored child at least once a year with a letter, photo and school report. Sponsors vary in how often they write back. All donations for child or pastor sponsorship can be gift aided if the donor is a UK tax payer, which benefits the Trust and enables it to continue operating.

There is currently a great need for more child sponsors and more pastor sponsors. Children are going without education and their basic needs, while pastors are being forced to neglect their calling in order to go out and try to earn money to support their families.

Could you help with either of these please, for as little as £10 a month? This is paid to the Romans One Eleven Trust, which then sends money out to Uganda on a termly basis for those who have been nominated by the senior pastors with whom we work. If you think you might be able to become a sponsor, please contact Our Administrator via the contact form below.

Thank you.