Theological Training

The heart of Romans 1:11 Trust is the funding of The Reformed Presbyterian Church of Uganda Certificate in Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry, a pre-ordination course which was created by Rev. Dr. John Hall, and written by a group of ministers in the UK. Originally the programme was delivered by ministers who travelled from the UK to Uganda several times a year, however it is now organised and delivered by local senior pastors who have received training in leading the programme. The course is entirely funded by supporters of Romans 1:11 Trust.



Course Outline

The course consists of a 12 month period of study with 12 weeks of lectures in a residential setting and assignments set and completed during intervening weeks of home study. Each residential period offers 20 hours of teaching as well as daily worship, Bible study and training in homiletics. Once all modules are completed there is an examination and a final mark calculated based on the students success in their examination and their home study results.

10 of the modules consist of 20 hours teaching and a subsequent period of home study on the subject taught. The 1st module taught - The Life of Jesus - is a double module and consists of 40 hours of teaching and subsequent assignments.


Course Curriculum

The curriculum is as follows:

The life of Jesus
A study of the whole of the text of Matthew's Gospel alongside comparisons
with the other Gospels.
Topics covered:

  • Introduction: Matthew’s World
  • Introducing the one who saves
  • Kingdom life
  • Kingdom power
  • Kingdom mission
  • Accepting and rejecting the king and his kingdom
  • Matthew’s portrait of Jesus
  • The community of the king
  • The coming of the king – the dying and the living Lord
  • The future.

Understanding the New Testament
An overview of the New Testament and its literature.
Topics covered:

  • The New Testament and the world in which it was written
  • Understanding the Gospels
  • Understanding Acts
  • Understanding the Letters
  • Understanding the Revelation.

Understanding the Old Testament
Topics covered:

  • Introducing the Old Testament and Understanding the Pentateuch
  • Understanding the History Books
  • Understanding Poetry and Wisdom
  • Understanding the Prophets.

The Making of a Nation
Genesis to Joshua - A study of the Pentateuch and the history of Israel to the
settlement in Canaan.
Topics covered:

  • Pre-history
  • Abraham and Isaac
  • Isaac and Jacob
  • Joseph and Judah
  • Moses and the Exodus 1
  • Moses and the Exodus 2
  • The Law of the Land
  • The Birth of a Nation.

The History of the Early Church
A substantial study of the Acts of the Apostles with a brief history of the
advance of the church before it became the religion of the Empire.
Topics covered:

  • An overview
  • The acts of the Holy Spirit
  • The character of the Church
  • Church growth
  • Church organisation and government
  • Paul and the mission of God
  • The apostolic age to Constantine.

The Basics of the Faith
A study of the Westminster Shorter Catechism and the Alpha course.

Paul's Epistle to the Romans
Paul's immensely important treatise on justification by faith and its implications
for both Jews and Gentiles.
Topics covered:

  • Introduction - Greetings, thanksgiving and purpose
  • The whole world accountable to God
  • Justification by faith
  • The life promised to those justified by faith
  • The call of the Jewish people
  • Practical consequences
  • Plans and final greetings.

The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit
God with us and in us - the Spirit of the Lord in human life.
Topics covered:

  • Introduction to the work of the Holy Spirit
  • The person of the Holy Spirit
  • Jesus and the Holy Spirit
  • The work of the Spirit
  • The dynamics of the human - Holy Spirit relationship
  • The gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • The manifestations of the Holy Spirit
  • The dynamics of co-operating with the Holy Spirit.

God's purpose for human life - salvation of body, mind and spirit.
Topics covered:

  • God the healer
  • Jesus’ healing ministry
  • Wholeness - shalom
  • Healing ministry in the church.

Paul's 1st Epistle to the Corinthians
Paul's teaching on a number of moral and spiritual problems in the church at
Corinth - compared with similar issues in Uganda today.
Topics covered:

  • Introduction
  • Divisions in the church
  • Moral issues
  • Marriage
  • Culture Issues
  • Public worship
  • Resurrection
  • Conclusion

Leadership in the Church
There are 3 parts to this module: The first provides the Biblical foundation for
servant leadership. The third part teaches how to administer the sacraments.
The 2nd is a course in itself about leadership at its best.
Topics covered:

  • Biblical Foundations
  • The International Leadership Institute Course
  • Sacraments - Baptism and Communion.
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