October 2022

Dear friends,


As the seasons begin to change, I am reminded that whilst our situations on earth change, our Father in heaven does not change. We can rest, assured in his love for all his people and for the world which he created.


In Uganda there are undercurrents of fear as an outbreak of Ebola has occurred in the Mubende region, less than 45 minutes from where Julius and a number of our other brothers and sisters live. There have also been cases found in the district just above Kasese, which leads us to worry for Charity and her family and orphanage, and near to the Kyenjojo district where Bernard lives. The strain of Ebola which is currently spreading through five districts in the country is one which has not been seen in humans in over a decade, and for which there is no vaccine. At the time of writing there have been 63 reported deaths, although this is currently rising at a rate of around 7 deaths a day,

Ebola is an incredibly aggressive illness; is easily transmissible in areas with poorer hygiene and medical care and has a 50% death rate. All this means that Ugandans, particularly those who are geographically close to the current cases are very fearful of the disease. Please pray for God’s protection over Uganda, that the outbreak does not spread further, and for God’s healing of those currently affected. We pray particularly for Julius and his family, and for Moses, who lives nearby but in a much more rural area. We also pray for Charity and Bernard, for their families and their churches, that Ebola does not spread to their districts and that they are kept safe.


In both Kakumiro and Wanyange, the current classes of students on the theological training course are near to graduation. Jon, Rachel and Chris met all the current students on their recent trip to Uganda and were very impressed at the deep level with which they engaged with the materials. Some of the students in Wanyange have also been identified as able to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Theology.  Please pray for this new wave of pastors, that they lead their churches in God’s teaching, that they continue in deep communion with God and that they are a blessing to their wider community. Please also pray for the students who show academic potential; that they may be able to source fees and support to pursue this opportunity.


I also have sad news to bring concerning Chris Copley, who retired as Administrator in 2017. At the start of September Chris was sadly diagnosed with breast cancer which was later found to have metastasized to her bones and bone marrow. Chris’ platelets are therefore too low to seek treatment and she has opted for palliative care while both myself and my younger sister Joanna alternate in supporting her at home. Please pray for God’s comfort and peace for both Chris and for the wider family as they face this difficult time. Please also pray for Chris’ medical team as they work to stay the effects of the disease and to manage her symptoms at this time.


God bless




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