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Uganda Blog: Latest News of our  July 2017 visit  (scroll down for previous posts)

Received 27th July

Well, we are finally back in Kampala ready to prepare for our overnight flight home tomorrow!

Yesterday was a long day of driving, not helped by a broken down lorry in the middle of a busy road, which held us up for 40 minutes.

Today has been much more local, visiting Kalasa school, only about 90 minutes each way! It is set in a very poor area of subsistence farming, which impacts on the school’s progress. However, we were delighted to see evidence of real forward movement, for which we praise God. Martin and Gertrude Sebbugo work tirelessly and sacrificially to educate the children in their school’s care. We had a good discussion with the staff, were royally entertained by the children’s singing, then thrilled by their response to our simple gifts.
We are very tired after almost 3 weeks on the road and really look forward to being home again. Please pray for a safe, uneventful journey. This is the last blog as such but we will send one final update once we are home.
Thank you!

Received 12 July

So far:

Today was great – 300 + primary age children

at Ssanje modern primary school.

This school is well run and a government approved exam centre.

 Lucky 10 year old gets the shirt – Thank you Barbara at Belper Baptist Church

Boda Boda shot of the day !

See mum, dad, baby and a chicken and luggage.
God bless. More news soon.

Received 16th July

Yesterday we travelled South to Mbarara. Today Jon and Chris met with local ministers in the morning while Jane and Mike visited a local school. This afternoon we all went to Ruti church where local Pastors, many having recently completed the Romans 1:11 Training course, took part in a sculpture-focussed encouragement session led by Jon and Chris. Pastor Richard Tusiime and Wilber helping and translating.

More later,
Team Ug.


Please pray for Pascal, Pastor of a local church who we prayed for as he has Oral Cancer confirmed. We assume much treatment, perhaps possible in the UK, will not be available or possible for him……your prayers are valued.

Well, hello all – I am sitting in the dark as the town has a power cut (normal) and water comes and goes.
Yesterday we had a long drive partly through Queen Elizabeth National Park where we saw Elephants, monkeys, baboons, impala, kudu – very lucky.


Then later the car blew it’s radiator – saving the long story we have taxied on – please pray for this to sort out.
Today was wonderful as we had the graduation of six Pastors who recently completed the Romans 1:11 training course.
This was in Karokajenga about an hour off road from Kyenjojo where we are staying. All very rural.








Please pray for the new Pastors as they return to their congregations.

Best wishes , Mike.









From Chris: Sam’s car, which we are using, broke down yesterday while we were on the road. Radiator, head gasket ++ need repair so we are currently relying on hiring cars with driver. We hope to either get Sam’s car back or sort something more permanent while in Kakumiro, where we go tomorrow. Lots of prayer please! Xxx       God bless


Anyone for tea?

Received 19th July


Today we travelled to Kakumiro home of Julius.
 We had a wonderful time while it was also touching seeing such simple classrooms and facilities.
They also have an awful water problem as the original water pipe about 350m downhill from the school has dried up.
Now they have to go a further 140m up and down to get to another (muddy) supply.
There a plan to help but please pray for them in the meantime it is shocking for us to see the children walking there and back and drinking this water.
On a brighter note the children danced and sang to us and were very grateful for the support from Romans 1:11.
After we had a fellowship and prayer time with Blessings church elders.
Pictures better than words and my spelling 😊
Team Ug

Received 21st July

Today we had a wonderful welcome at Osborne School visiting the children in class and watching them perform many songs with hip dancing full of joy and energy and lots of natural rhythm. We also toured the dormitories where 35 are boarders, some share a bed due to the shortage of beds. (£83 per metal triple-stack 3 beds – anyone with a big heart?)

Some classrooms are brick and the young ones still in old wooden ones. The school has many challenges but has made huge advances over recent years with new (long drop) latrines and wash areas now separate for girls from boys – strip wash with a bowl of water. Pray for Jon & Chris as they meet pastors tomorrow with some issues with their colleagues.

Mike and Jane back to Blessings School to play and put some colour in their classrooms.
Best wishes
Team Ug 


Today was our full day at Osborne School which started with giving out pharmacy items followed by various classroom visits with educational posters (from UK 99p shop) and other teaching aids.



Jane had a craft session with the little ones and Agnes.

It is a fascinating job as both children and teachers have never done such things before so have no idea what to do. Under Jane’s patient care soon artwork was created.


Break time was frenetic with new footballs,


Frisbee and a teaching session of rounders.

After break, following initial reluctance, great excitement in the school office as Jane set up and trained some teachers on the electric sewing machine we brought.


All of them had a go and were clearly very keen to get on and learn how to use it and make clothes. It was thought they might make some of the school uniform – we wait and see!







Afternoon brought heavy rain and then red “marram” ground turns to stodge and stopped play.





We had some time to discuss their challenges in more detail and share about Belper Baptist Church and life at home.
Great amazement, shock and amusement as Mike, after giving some old spectacles, then removed his contact lenses and then put a fresh pair in.
Please pray for the children to be able to attend school (not always possible due to being needed at home or sickness or insufficient fees). Also for the teachers working with them.



Team Ug

Meanwhile Chris and Jon after negotiating major Ugandan roadworks went to Kibaale to meet Duncan and had very fruitful discussions about his school and ministry. They then travelled deep into the bush to Kitutu. In a mud church with a tin roof they held a bible encouragement session with leaders from several bush Churches. The noise of the rain on the tin roof stopped the teaching so praise singing was a great alternative until the rain eased.

Chris & Jon

Received 24th July

Mike and Jane have now returned safely to the UK so Chris and Jon will continue to try to update everyone when we have internet access.

Yesterday (Saturday) we had a difficult meeting with the RPCU Executive and ask for your prayers as they try to lead the denomination with love and wisdom. Please pray for us too as we found this meeting very disheartening.
Today we were preaching in different churches in the Jinja area. Jon was with Pastor Simon in Masese. Huge numbers of adults and children, packed into a school classroom, others at the windows because there was no more room, wonderful worship. Preaching seemed well received and exciting prayer ministry followed.
 Chris was at Wanyange, where the building doubles as a Spiritual Life Centre and church. The congregation was smaller but worship was equally moving and Chris enjoyed preaching here. It was specially good to renew fellowship with friends of several years’ standing.
Tomorrow we travel further east than we have been before: please continue to pray for our safety, spiritual wisdom and also for good internet access!

Received 25th July

Monday saw us heading deep into a bush area new to us around Kibuku, east of Jinja. We visited three churches, two of them very basic. The first at Kataka also had an extremely impoverished tiny school. The welcome by both school and church as we spoke to them under a mango tree was amazing!

The third church gave us a major presentation, including a talk about their work with orphans and other very needy children. Very impressive, if rather long!! We were glad to reach our hotel although it too was very basic.

Needy children who are helped by ‘Cymon Cares Ministries’
 Today we have travelled to the base of Mount Elgon via three further very needy churches. Their outreach has challenged and inspired us, as well as their desire to train more pastors. Pastor Dan has a burden for needy widows in his community and definitely goes the second mile to help. Please pray!
Jon speaking to pastors about reconciliation.
Sadly Deus has had to leave us as his wife suffered a miscarriage yesterday. Do please pray for Olivia, Deus and their toddler Joseph.
Jon and Chris.


Please see our Prayer Update page for an itinerary and a map





At Salisbury Cathedral


Samuel Muhumuza writes:

Nothing better than achieving something that you have been longing for, I am grateful to share with you about my trip to UK in September –October 2016.




It was really great after twelve years to see again my sisters and brothers in Christ during my visit however, due to difficulties, I got my visa late and I missed my programme to Lindfield URC which made me half sick although I was comforted by meeting Ron and Janet Goodenough who were waiting for me at the Gatwick airport oh … was good.

I was happy to go back to the churches and places I had visited before but it was also wonderful to visit new places and to meet new people and to  know what God is doing in different parts of the country.


This trip wouldn’t be fruitful without the support of the following people; my thanks to Romans One Eleven Trust who invited me and supported me in many ways more especially Rev. Chris Vivian and her Daughter Rachel who worked on my itinerary, it’s true that by your support I was encouraged as our Motto  says.

I want my thanks to go to all friends who transported me from one place to another, those who provided me with accommodation and food, you really made me feel at home thank you so much. I want to thank friends who took me for a walk, I really needed it and you did it.

At Rachel’s school, Newport, Isle of Wight.

My thanks to you all church Elders and ministers who welcomed me to share with you what God is doing in my ministry, for sure you encouraged me in many ways.



Thanks to you all who made arrangements for me to visit schools and have time with the children and students as well, it was good to know the difference between our schools in Uganda and yours in the UK.

I want also to thank you dear brothers who made it possible to for me to spend a day in elderly HOME in Leeds it was really good for me and I enjoyed them very much and the lunch we had together  it was more than food but a fellowship.

At Sarum College
At Sarum College in Salisbury (for Wessex Synod Ministers’ Gathering)



For those who took me to synod’s ministers’ meetings, you gave me an opportunity of learning how you do things over that end. Thank you very much for that chance.






On the Isle of Wight ferry

Other things I liked on this trip: I liked dogs that I found in homes that I was staying in. It was my first time to use water transport while I am in UK and I liked the means from Lymington to Isle of Wight and from Isle of Wight to Portsmouth.


  •  The main aim of my trip was to raise funds for the school dining hall, toilets, Kitchen and plumbing system and  I am pleased to inform you that the total amount that was corrected is 1,083 pounds (with the promise of a further £600). Thank you very much for your giving and I will keep updating you if I get more.
  • The second purpose of the trip was to share the new programme called vocation scheme which we are about launch, it’s like a Gap year or internship programme but this one shall be shorter – for only four months.

I once again thank everyone who supports us, we still need more financial support and I believe together we can achieve it because, we have achieved much together therefore, together with God, our dreams shall turn to reality.

“Now to him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us. To Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generation, for ever and ever. Amen”. (Ephesians 3:20,21)

Peace to the sisters and brothers, and love with faith, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Grace be with all those who love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. Amen.

Enjoying Jon’s 1970 MG Midget

Rev. Muhumuza Samuel